Report a Claim

We hope you never have a claim, but if you do, we are here to help. Although many companies have twenty four hour, seven days a week claim centers, there are many advantages to calling our office first before you report your claim directly to the insurance company.

Our personal and commercial risk managers can advise you on the ramification of filing your claim and explain how the claims process works – eliminating the frustrations, which usually arise from the unknown. Please remember we are here to answer your questions. We have provided useful information below that can help at the time of a claim, or hopefully help you before one strikes you.

Vehicle Claim

If your auto accident involves injury to other person or extensive damage, immediately contact your insurance company’s Claim Center directly. Don’t waste time calling us first! This is critical. Statistics show that the sooner a claim is reported, the sooner it is settled and for less money, frequently without involving you on the wrong end of a lawsuit!

If no other person or property is involved and there is only minor damage, call us first. Oftentimes only a few minor claims can cause not only higher premiums, but run up a red flag when it comes to your policy renewal. This is not good! Check with us first.

Property Claims

For home or other property losses, it works pretty much the same way. But, pay attention to your policy deductible. Again, small claims are very expensive for the company to process and will be considered when it comes time to renew your policy. Use insurance for what it was designed – to save you from financial disaster – not the convenience of having minor losses paid. Do yourself a favor. Expect to pay any losses under $1,000 and take that amount as a deductible. You’ll save on premium and help protect your renewals!

Workers Compensation Claims

All Workers Compensation claims need to be handled directly by the company. Please do not submit any Workers Compensation claim information to our office.