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Billing Questions

If you receive your bills from Insurance Center.

Please send us an email or call our office and we will be happy to explain the billing and any available options.

If you receive your bills directly from the insurance company.

We have worked with each insurance company to establish specialized billing departments with operators who are able to provide quick and accurate answers to questions about your billing. They can provide help with payments, including outstanding balances, date last payment was received, where to mail your next payment and payment options. Please have your policy and/or account number available when you call them. Remember that payments are due to the company, not to Insurance Center. Please send your payments directly to the company.


We have listed above each of these companies, the phone number for the billing specialists and a link to their website for on-line information and payment when available. Some companies accept credit card payments through their website and EFT payments out of your checking account.

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